Marble Surface

Our Models 

We curate talent globally through and extrremely detailed selection process, allowing us to partner aspiring models with local studios to create unique and compelling content. 

The Models below are represented exclusively by Fempire Studios. Our special relationship with these artists enables us to offer custom productions from each of them to interested buyers.


Michael Hotchkiss

Wakefield, United Kingdom

Michael is the star of Fempire Studios debut production: 100 YEARS A PORNWHORE. We are very proud of him!


Will Dorsey

Amarillo, Texas, USA

Will is barely legal and ready to party! He is open for all scenes and will be a great asset for your hardcore productions


Jarred Owens

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Jarred is an enthusiastic, passionate young man - some would even say INSATIABLE! An adult star in the marking.


Sebastian Gassner

Gronau, Germany

Sebastian is a young, eager sissy in Gronau. He is passionate about his work and desperate to please.



Contact us to be featured/work with our Studio

All applicants will be considered provided they are hardworking!


Robin Leportier

Argeles-Sur-Mer, France

Robin has been sad and pathetic for as long as he can remember - he signed with Fempire Studios and now he;s a star!