Marble Surface

About Kiannah


Kianna began her professional artistic journey when she first appeared in the Canadian erotic art scene in 2013. Since then, she has participated in a number of collaborative projects and have exhibited her work throughout the world.

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Kiannah is primarily self-taught and has her own approach to - and definition of - erotic art. She believes in constantly taking risks and specializes in capturing beauty out of all 8 primary emotions.

My History


I've always been deeply interested in the darkest elements of the human psyche. 


My artistic expression has gone through many phases over the years resulting in a highly personal approach and perspective. I'm never content with standing still and I'm always looking for my next project.

My Expertise


I founded our business with one goal in mind: creating beautiful, unique and thought-provoking projects in the erotica industry. 

 I’ve been part of the erotic art world since 2013, and I’ve had the chance to work with amazing colleagues as well as several kinds of companies and brands. 

With each project I undertake, I strive to leave a lasting impression on the industry. I try to stay true to my artistic beliefs while developing and producing innovative and effective solutions my clients will appreciate and love. 


About Our Models


We consider talent globally through an extremely detailed selection process, allowing us to produce some of the best content available on the market today. 

The featured models represented by Fempire Studios are shown in our gallery and promoted at other art shows we’re involved with. Our special relationship with these artists enables us to offer exclusive pieces from their catalogues to interested buyers.